Best pork for char siu i finally managed to get a chinese barbecue shop to tell me what cut of meat they use pork scotch fillet also known as pork neck pork collar or pork neck collar this is an excellent cut of pork which is ideal for both quick cooking such as pan seared pork chops and slow cooking such as this slow roasted brown sugar garlic butter pork.

What is char siu char siu also knows as chinese bbq pork is a type of roasted pork originating from cantonese cuisine traditionally the marinated pork is skewered with long forks and roasted in an oven or over an open fire that rsquo s where its chinese name char fork siu roast comes from.

What is char siu sauce a char siu sauce is a mix of various asian pantry ingredients including soy sauce oyster sauce honey and chinese five spice powder i like to add grated fresh ginger to my marinade for a bit of warm heat the chinese barbecue pork that you find in most chinese restaurants often has a tinge of red in the meat either from using red hellip.

Char siu chinese bbq pork steamed pork buns baozi bbq char siu roast pork on the grill about judy judy is the mom of the woks of life family born in shanghai she arrived in the u s at age 16 fluent in both english and three separate chinese dialects shes our professional menu translator when were eating our way through china.

Char siu or chinese bbq pork is one of the most popular chinese or cantonese foods and one of the most ordered dishes in restaurants with simple ingredients you may have in your kitchen cupboards this char siu recipe is a breeze print save go to your favorites prep 10 mins cook 45 mins total 55 mins.

For char siu which is made with boneless pork shoulder the meat is roasted in the oven for 50 minutes because the ribs are on the bone they take slightly longer to cook ndash ndash 1 hour but the resulting flavor is the same that delicious sweet salty flavor in a juicy tender rib that in my opinion tastes orders of magnitude better than any.

What is chinese bbq pork chinese bbq is a delicious sweet and spicy sauce usually referred to as char siu that you soak the pork in then fire grill it or in this case bake it in the oven it can be served in stir fry dishes noodles or just with a side of rice one of my favorite ways to use the leftovers is in my classic pork fried rice.

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