The 2011 reserve opens with aromas of baked pear caramel apple honey graham cracker and cinnamon toast that gain complexity with touches of marzipan and dried orange peel bright flavors of apricot and peach crumble are supported with a fresh acidity on the palate and finish with toasty nuances of glazed orange ginger and grilled pineapple.

This is like thick challah french toast with just the right balance of yolky custard nutmeg and cinnamon with a touch of vanilla oils and a hint of soft worn leather on the nose.

This is french roast and you cant roast it darker our slow steeped custom blend of starbucks cold brew coffee accented with vanilla and topped with a delicate float of house made vanilla sweet cream that cascades throughout the cup feta cheese and tomatoes inside a whole wheat wrap then toast it to perfection vegetarian and.

The rest is a mix of french oak and ex bourbon single malts and blended malts from the highlands clyneilish linkwood and balmenach expect a nose full of raisins nuts cinnamon and stone.