Cinnamon sugar donut muffins donut muffins are a super soft homemade muffins that are easy to make these buttery treats taste just like an old fashioned donut rolled in cinnamon and sugar yep im that person that will take a donut thats all soft and buttery and rolled in cinnamon sugar over a glazed read more raquo.

Use the right kind of donut pan the first time i tested a keto donuts recipe i tried a silicone donut pan many of them have good reviews and i almost always use silicone baking cups for making healthy egg muffin cups unfortunately i haven rsquo t had hellip.

Though a certain nostalgic muffin brand disappeared from the toronto food court scene its now back at a donut chain looks like the next step for mmmuffins in this city is appearing at country.

Hi shirley we haven rsquo t tried freezing these cider donut muffins there rsquo s never any left but you should be able to follow the same method for freezing them as you would other baked goods mdash wrap the cooled muffins tightly in foil or freezer wrap then place in freezer safe plastic bags reply.

This recipe is the best of both worlds mdash french toast and muffins in one for more of our favorite breakfast muffins check out cinnamon roll muffins glazed donut muffins and chocolate chip muffins.

Bake as mini donuts or even mini muffins if you are without a donut pan finish with a different glaze chocolate strawberry lemon etc decorate with sprinkles or other finishes such as shredded coconut brush finished donuts with a little melted butter and then dip in cinnamon sugar for a churro style flavor shelf life and how to store.

At room temperature store muffins in an airtight container for 3 4 days in the freezer baked muffins can also be stored in the freezer place in a freezer safe bag and store for 2 3 months thaw overnight in the fridge before serving to reheat pop muffins in the oven at 300 degrees fahrenheit for 10 15 minutes.

In large bowl mix oil butter and sugar until well combined stir in eggs and vanilla until smooth gently stir in dry ingredients and buttermilk until uniform batter has formed.

Apple cider muffins are full of apple flavor with apple pie spice and apple cider and are the perfect treat to have with a cup of coffee as a dessert or even to just satisfy your sweet tooth for another quick and sweet muffin try my cinnamon sugar donut muffins apple cider muffins it rsquo s all about apples and apple flavored treats in the fall.

Blueberry glazed donut muffins a fresh blueberry glaze adorns these donut like muffins for the perfect treat they are as good as they hellip.

No donut pan make 8 10 donut muffins in your standard 12 cup muffin pan line with cupcake liners or grease with nonstick spray fill each 2 3 full with donut batter bake at 350 deg f 177 deg c for 18 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Chocolate glazed baked pumpkin donut holes if you rsquo ve tried these pumpkin cream cheese muffins let me know in the comments how it turned out you can follow me over on pinterest instagram or facebook to find some more of our mouthwatering recipes print recipe pin recipe rate this recipe.

How to make donuts from scratch preheat oil in a deep saute pan or pot over medium heat whisk together flour sugar baking powder and salt in a separate bowl or measuring cup whisk together buttermilk and melted butter.

Cut the donuts with a donut cutter or with 2 different sized round cookie cutters the large cutter should be about 3 inches in diameter save the donut holes knead scraps together being careful not to overwork the dough and repeat the process of rolling it out and cutting the donuts.

Bill rsquo s donut shop reopened on sunday after a brief unusual hiatus the 24 hour seven day a week landmark bakery was closed because of a broken sewer line it was dreary and cold outside as hungry patrons waited in a makeshift line hellip.