This dutch oven sourdough bread is easy to make, with less than an hour of active work, and the reward is just about the most gorgeous and most amazing bread I have eaten in a long time. I would consider this an artisan sourdough bread as well, I promise you will love this. "Fourneau has come up with a really well thought-out product that addresses all the downsides of a traditional dutch oven to make baking a loaf of bread really easy and safe. I was immediately impressed by the high quality construction of the product..." Lisa, @sourdough_nouveau Nov 19, 2021 · fine sea salt – salt enhances the flavor of sourdough bread and helps slow the fermentation process down slightly. Equipment Needed. Cast iron Dutch oven – you’ll need some sort of Dutch oven for baking sourdough. I have a 5.5 quart Le Creuset Dutch oven that … Slashing the bread will help the bread expand predictably in the oven. 4. Bake the dough. Very carefully place the heated Dutch oven on the stovetop. Taking care not to touch the sides, use the parchment paper to lower the loaf into the Dutch oven. Cover and return it to the oven. Bake for 20 minutes. Oct 01, 2018 · This sourdough bread recipe is the result of many years of tweaking, improving and simplifying. We love artisan bread and bake it on a regular basis. To be able to do that with our busy lives, the bread recipe and the process must be simple and easy to follow. Isn’t it how sourdough bread has been for centuries? Mar 15, 2018 · sourdough cheese batter bread (use this when you're this close to making bread - the batter doesn't need to rise as much, but still gives a nice bread). Shop this sourdough bread recipe: This is a great quality, decently priced enameled cast iron dutch oven, similar to the one I use. Here's another option for a bit less that's very similar, too. May 23, 2020 · To get the best results for your sourdough discard bread, bake it in a Dutch Oven. It keeps the steam inside the pot and enables your bread to get the rise before the crust starts to harden. Keep the lid on your Dutch Oven for the first 30 minutes of your bake, then take it off for the last 10 minutes to give it some crunch and colour. Apr 11, 2018 · Use parchment paper or spray the Dutch Oven with non-stick spray for easy removal. For an extra burst of steam and a slightly higher rise, preheat the Dutch Oven for 30 minutes before placing the bread inside. After the bread bakes for 30 minutes, remove the lid from the Dutch Oven and bake it the rest of the way without the lid.