Its ground chuck because i feel like i make a good steak but nowhere near restaurant quality but if its at a sparks or barclay prime quality steakhouse the ribeye wins every day mainly because i make an awesome burger chili shepherds pie etc with ground beef but i dont like any of them more than steak.

Amish onion cake this rich moist bread with an onion poppy seed topping is a wonderful break from your everyday bread routine you can serve it with any meat and its a nice accompaniment to soup or salad ive made it many times and have often been asked to share the recipe mdash mitzi sentiff annapolis maryland.

38 i have my butcher cut me the biggest 7 bone chuck she can find for my pot roast i salt and pepper brown thoroughly remove from pot caramalize some chunky carrot celery and onion garlic last deglaze with broth and a little wine add the roast bring liquid up halfway braise covered at 325 for 4 hours or until fork tender.

Liver recipe for you i slice a large onion into thin rings then roll liver in flour and fry with onion on med heat when onions are soft and liver getting a little browned pour a can of cream of onion soupover themplace lid on the pan and turn down the heat enough to simmer about 20 min the soup will be the gravy and it is yummy reply.

Jennifer schwarzkopf for taste of home step 1 prep your ingredients chop your vegetables and measure out your seasonings this is called mise en place and it rsquo s a wonderful culinary school cooking secret make sure you have all of the chicken set aside package date and label any extra portions to store in the freezer step 2 fill your crock pot.

1 preheat oven to 375 degrees f 2 clean seed and dice peppers and place in bottom of an 8x8 baking dish set aside 3 place butter or cooking oil into a preheated skillet.

Congratulations to kiki winner of maddie days candy slain murder congratulations to ann ivey winner of tina kashians mistletoe moussaka and murder congratulations to nancy d winner of guest author lorie lewis hams new mystery one of us congratulations to linda herold winner of the november sunday brunch giveaway of books by hellip.

2 drying time will vary based on the unit size amount of food in the unit whether or not the food is pre frozen and conditions in the room where the freeze dryer is located some loads can finish in as little as 13 hours some may take 2 days 3 if you rsquo re referring to the harvest right commercial freeze dryers it looks like they have.

The much criticized ldquo unnatural union of sugar and meats rdquo of the ancients still exists today in many popular examples of cookery lamb and mint sauce steak and catsup mutton and currant jelly pork and apples in various forms oyster cocktail poultry and compote goose with apple and raisin dressing venison and cumberland sauce mince.

This gives me many meals from the same basic soup and it tastes different every time i have also used macaroni cracked wheat and other pastas it is amazing how many things you can do use i try to buy meat on sale hellip always for the soups i use onion carrots and potatoes as the basic stew soup you can add veg too.

I made thanksgiving dinner for my daughter son in law and myself i prepped at my house pumpkin pie rolls from the bread machine and mashed potato and sweet potato casseroles but used their oven to heat up the ham potatoes and bake the rolls because all utilities are included in their rent.

The decor includes a significant amount of elvis memorabilia while the menu is hearty american vintage comfort food including salisbury steak liver and onions and an unusual welsh rarebit sandwich 1934 magee rsquo s kitchen 6333 hellip.