It rsquo s been a tradition at our house to serve this cucumber onion salad with the other hungarian specialties my mom learned to make from the women at church it rsquo s especially good during the summer when the cucumbers are fresh picked from the garden cucumber salad with sour cream is the perfect summer dish mdash pamela eaton monclova ohio.

Balsamic cucumber salad cucumber salad recipes are my absolute favorite this fast fresh salad is a winner at every get together its an easygoing healthy side dish for kabobs chicken or anything hot off the grill mdash blair lonergan rochelle virginia.

13 hungarian cucumber salad using cucumber as the base for a salad might seem a little bland but once you add in the minced shallots chopped fresh dill white vinegar water sugar and salt this dish is anything but boring i love the crunch from cucumbers this would be a great little side to any number of hearty meat dishes 14.

Also i rsquo m going to try my father rsquo s hungarian recipe of marinated cucumber slices involving olive oil vinegar seasoning of choice ndash ex hungarian paprika a few slices of scallions and a small dollop of sour cream on top and serve with or without a top slice.

We ordered a side serving of hungarian cucumber salad and for dessert we had traditional cold hungarian cherry soup we enjoyed everything so much that we ordered exactly the same thing the following evening there are a couple of important keys necessary for achieving the best flavor results the onions need to be cooked in lard and the.

We call it russian salad though we also call a pickled salad russian salad which is a combo of pickles carrots cauliflower cabbage green tomatoes hungarian peppers all chopped and pickled as far as this russian salad goes only difference when my mom makes it is she always uses ham as the protein.

Chicken paprikash recipe chicken paprikash is traditionally served over dumplings aka spaetzle or spaetzle depending where you hail from or broad egg noodles when i rsquo m making this chicken paprikash recipe on a weeknight mdash and this is totally a doable weeknight dinner mdash i go for no yolks noodles my mom was always a fan of these high quality noodles hellip.

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Serve with a dollop of sour cream some crusty bread and a cool cucumber salad notes if youre using a tougher cut of beef like chuck or round cook the beef first without the carrots tomatoes potatoes and bell peppers for 30 45 minutes then add the vegetables and cook for another 40 minutes until the beef is tender.

This one pot classic hungarian chicken dish for chicken paprikash some call it chicken paprika combines five key hungarian ingredients mdash onions green peppers tomatoes paprika and sour cream the dish can be pulled together quickly especially if the vegetables are prepped the night before.